Sinus Treatment in Albany, NY: In-Office Balloon Sinus Dilation

In-office balloon sinus dilation is a minimally invasive option that can be performed right here in our office. The goal of balloon sinus dilation is to reshape anatomy to expand sinus pathways and restore drainage. Here’s how it works:

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The procedure utilizes small balloons placed in key places in the nose and sinus, which are then dilated to expand the sinus pathways. It may be an effective, lasting option for some patients whose symptoms do not resolve with medication.

The benefits of office sinus dilation include:

Delivers instant, lasting relief ,

Convenient, comfortable office procedure

Quick recovery—most patients return to normal activity in 24 hours

May reduce healthcare costs

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Drs. Perkins, Setzen, Kuhar and Engle are trained and experienced users of in-office balloon sinus dilation technologies.

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