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A technique designed to desensitize patients and make them less reactive to particular triggers in their daily environment. Immunotherapy is the only treatment specific to the actual allergy; all other treatments are directed at relieving allergy symptoms rather than stimulating the immune system.

Environmental Controls

Avoiding the allergen when possible is a crucial part of treatment. It is important to remember that allergens are cumulative. Your reaction is compounded when you are exposed to multiple sources of irritation so it is important to reduce the total allergens in your environment. Maintain good communication with your physician about your symptoms to help determine the best treatment options for you.

Pharmacotherapy (Medicines)

If your allergy testing come back positive, some of your symptoms may be well—controlled on a medication regimen prescribed by your physician.


Learning about your allergies and the different food culprits both obvious and hidden will help you to modify your diet to avoid the offending foods.

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Take Shape For Life (TSFL)

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