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What Can I Expect from My Allergy Shots & Drops?

In most patients, as the strength of the treatment dose is increased, they will experience symptom relief after the injection and eventually the majority of their symptoms should be controlled from shot to shot.

Many times this symptom relief is gradual and patients may not notice exactly how much these shots are helping them. Symptom relief may wear off before you get your next injection, and in this case, your doctor may choose to shorten the interval between injections. For example, if the effects of the shot wear off by the fifth day, your doctor can elect to give your shot at 5–day intervals. Likewise, the interval between shots can be lengthened if you determine that relief does not wear off between shots.

It is important that you note the effect of each shot and report your response at the time you get your next shot. In some situations your shots may have to be temporarily discontinued during times of infection, high stress or uncontrolled medical problems. If you are off your shots for 30 days or more, it will be necessary to reduce the dosage and “build up” again over a short period of time.

What are Some of the Side Effects?

Your shots may have a slight sting that subsides quickly. A small local reaction at the injection site consisting of redness and swelling is not unusual. A local reaction greater than 2 inches in diameter or persisting for more than 48 hours is an indication to adjust your treatment dose or to use medications to control these symptoms. Occasionally, patients experience increased allergy symptoms shortly after receiving their injection. Since allergy shots are made from common biological sources, it is considered safe to administer these shots at established maintenance dosing during pregnancy, without having to discontinue shots or drops.

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