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What is a CT (CAT) Scan?

Computed tomography (CT) is a sophisticated imaging technique that can show anatomy at different levels within the body. During CT imaging, the x-ray source rotates around the patient and each rotation produces a single cross-sectional “slice”. CT allows physicians to see a horizontal piece of the body just as if you were taking a slice of bread out of a loaf.

CT Scans are used to take pictures of virtually any part of the body. There is a minimal amount of radiation exposure with CT and therefore should not be performed without a good medical reason but the benefits of this test far out weigh the risk for most patients.

CT Scans are performed by radiologic technologists who use their knowledge of physics, radiation protection, human anatomy and a mastery of highly technical equipment to create quality accurate and precise medical images. They work closely with radiologists (physicians trained to interpret these images).

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