Ear Problems

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Chronic ear disease

Disorders of the middle ear are common in the pediatric population, especially infants and toddlers. Middle ear infections are among the most common reasons children receive antibiotics. Children who suffer from recurring ear infections can be exposed to excessive amounts of antibiotics. Medical, environmental, and surgical strategies can help reduce or even prevent recurring ear infections.

Chronic middle ear disease can also present with hearing loss related to Eustachian tube dysfunction. Children suffering from this problem may present with speech delay, behavioral problems, or academic difficulties in school.

Other chronic ear disease seen in childhood includes otitis externa, often call swimmer’s ear, and chronic mastoid disease.

Hearing loss in the pediatric population

Hearing loss in children may be present at birth or can begin at anytime during childhood. Universal newborn hearing screening has helped us identify children with a congenital hearing loss during the neonatal period. Early recognition of the problem allows early treatment and better long term results in regard to speech and hearing. Any child who does not pass a newborn hearing screening should be evaluated by a pediatric otolaryngologist and have a repeat audiologic evaluation.

An acquired hearing loss is a hearing loss that begins after birth and can be related to middle ear infections, systemic infections that affect the ear, trauma, or other diseases. Caring for children with this type of problem often involves managing the underlying problem and treating the hearing loss.

Audiologic evaluation for children

What to expect from your audiology appointment

There are several aspects to a comprehensive pediatric audiological evaluation that are used to assess different parts of your child’s auditory system. We begin with a look at the outer ear and ear canal. Then, we select from the activities below, based on age and need, to determine how your child’s auditory system is functioning at that time.