Speech-Voice-Swallowing Center

Ear Nose & Throat Doctor in Albany, NY

When our ability to communicate or swallow is impaired, it impacts our quality of life.

Treatments for this including speech therapy help individuals cope and guides them in various  exercises, swallowing maneuvers, postural techniques and diet as well as nutrition counseling.

The ultimate goal of this combination of therapies is to help each patient maintain or regain functioning in their work or home environment which enhances self confidence and quality of life.

Voicing is a highly coordinated activity of the laryngeal muscles requiring anatomic and neurophysiologic integrity. Typical complaints about voice include “a hoarse or raspy voice” or a change in vocal quality.

Voice disorders occur for many reasons including bowed vocal cords, chronic cough, chronic hoarseness, muscle tension dysphonia, paradoxical vocal cord motion, reflux laryngitis, vocal fold atrophy, cysts, granulomas, paralysis and voice misuse as well as vocal nodules and polyps. These are some of the reasons we see patients for speech evaluations here at Albany ENT & Allergy Services PC.

In addition, to the surgical and medical treatments provided to these patients, oftentimes undergoing vocal rehabilitation with a speech pathologist focusing on vocal hygiene, techniques, exercises and conservation as well as patient education helps to optimize vocal function and maintain vocal health.