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Speech Pathology Services from Albany’s Top Ear Nose & Throat Doctor

Speech Evaluations and Therapy Services are available at Albany ENT & Allery Services PC including:

Speech Therapy

Our Speech Pathologist also works with patients who have motor speech disorders such as Dysarthria and Apraxia. We also provide treatment for Aphasia or a language disorder caused by a stroke.

Speech and Voice Evaluations

Speech and voice evaluations involve the assessment of articulation (sounds), language (the ability to listen, remember and express ideas) and oral motor skills for both children and adults.The voice evaluation involves obtaining an in-depth history of all areas that affect vocal production(medical history, voice complaints and vocal use). An acoustical analysis of voice production is completed, as well as identifying different behaviors that can affect voice. Breathing is also evaluated. Treatment plans are developed specific to each patient’s needs.

Clinical Swallowing Evaluations

A swallowing evaluation performed by a speech pathologist using real foods and liquids to help accurately diagnose the swallowing problem and development a treatment plan for management.

FEES Exams (Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing)

This exam allows for direct assessment of the motor and sensory aspects of swallow in order to guide the dietary and behavioral management of patients with swallowing problems. This is a valuable tool for evaluation of patients with manifestations of reflux including asthma, hoarseness and aspiration. Certain types of foods may cause the patient to cough or choke but other foods do not and this test will help identify these foods. Various food volumes and consistencies are used until it is determined which combinations allow the patient to swallow easily and safely.

Certified Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) Program

LSVT is a speech treatment program designed in conjunction with medical therapies to help restore oral communication in individuals with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), difficulties due to aging voice, vocal fold paralysis and multiple sclerosis as well as similar disorders. The LSVT approach centers on increased vocal loudness to trigger increased effort and coordination throughout the speech production system dramatically improving functional communication.

Voice Therapy may include:

  • Teaching patients vocal conservation and hygiene techniques.
  • Strenghtening the vocal mechanism with specific voice excercises.
  • Manual Therapy and relaxation techniques to help reduce musculoskeletal tension of the larynx and surrounding muscles.
  • Teaching patients with vocal cord dysfunction or laryngitis specific upper airway breathing exercises including the use of a treadmill to reduce cough, feeling of throat tightness and to help improve overall respiratory functions.
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