Enhanced Patient Experience With Amptify

Hearing loss weakens many listening skills, which is why your audiologist has helped customize your hearing aids for your individual hearing loss. While this helps you hear, Amptify’s hearing health platform helps to further strengthen abilities you need for effective listening.

These crucial skills include auditory memory, discrimination and processing speed. You can develop and strengthen these skills simply through Amptify’s clinically validated rehabilitation program.

How Does Amptify Work?

Just 10 to 15 minutes a day is all you need to start strengthening your listening skills. With Amptify DTx, you get:

  • An app-based program for iOS® and Android™ that is available via your web browser
  • Motivational quizzes
  • Managed peer-to-peer environment for participants
  • Interactive programs and science-backed video games to help with listening and cognitive skills
  • Guidance from dedicated hearing health care coaches

Effective, Ongoing Care

Through virtual hearing health counseling, guidance and auditory training, Amptify DTx extends your hearing health care beyond the walls of your audiologist’s office.

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